Great Classroom Decorating Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Every teacher, whatever age group or subject he or she teaches, strives all the time to make the learning experience they give their students the best one they possibly can. Coming up with new classroom decorating ideas every school year is usually something a lot of teachers find themselves trying to do all summer long. So let’s take a look here at some ideas about great classroom decorations that won’t break the bank.


Great Classroom Decorating Ideas for Teachers – Best Use of Bulletin Boards

The bulletin boards in any classroom are a crucial part of the overall décor scheme and the perfect place to execute classroom decorations ideas. Posters, photographs charts, and seasonal decorations are all popular items for teachers to display on a bulletin board, even if they are responsible for teaching high school students.

The basic bulletin board provided to most teachers in their classrooms is a rather plain and boring affair so the first order of business, before executing any specific classroom decorating ideas is to spruce up that basic board a bit. Covering a bulletin board with a neutral fabric is a quick and easy way to provide a great basic canvas on which to execute all kinds of classroom decorating ideas and all a teacher really needs is a large enough scrap of material and a staple gun.

Some teachers feel that, especially in the case of younger students, involving them in the execution of classroom decorating ideas is another great way to enrich their learning experience. Helping students attach the various elements of the new classroom decoration to the bulletin board is a great way to make them feel even more involved in the learning environment and get on the road to independence.

Affordable Classroom Decorating Ideas

The average teacher does not make a lot of money every year and it is the rare school that actually gives their staff extra funds to execute their classroom decorating ideas. All too often it is left to the teacher to pay for all the classroom decorating supplies out of their own, very limited, funds. Finding affordable classroom decorating ideas is then a priority for most teachers.

One of the most affordable classroom decorating ideas is to make the best use of the work produced by the students themselves. Doing so is also great for children’s egos as even high school teens still enjoy seeing their work displayed to the rest of the world in this way.

To be effective though student world cannot just be stapled to the bulletin board after it is ripped right out of a notebook. Adding a piece of construction paper to the back is quick and east though. Is the piece an essay about fall? Attach it to a leaf-shaped piece of brown construction paper. A drawing of a students summertime activities? Affix it to a surfboard/palm tree/beach ball-shaped piece of construction paper.

Teachers can also ask students to bring their own classroom decorations from home as well. Family photos can be a great way to introduce new students to one another and also give teachers a better insight into their students’ life outside of school. By the way, all the best and good health to everyone. Happy New Year!!!