Get Your Teen Things They Actually Want

We get it. Shopping for teens these days is tricky business. What’s even cool anymore? Whether you’re shopping for the perfect birthday present or just looking to surprise your teen, show your love with one of these teen-friendly gifts. We swear they’ll like at least one of them.

On a Roll

Teens with an affinity for extreme sports will appreciate a gift that appeals to their no-fear attitude, like a new skateboard. The retailer CCS makes it easy to purchase a new skate deck and all of the fixings that go along with the board. Plus, you can order online, so you don’t have to wander into the local skate shop. And you can enjoy free shipping and returns on all orders from the website. If you’re skeptical about purchasing a skateboard for your son or daughter, don’t worry — CCS also offers helmets and pads to keep your teen injury-free.

Master Chef

While you might know your way around the kitchen, your teen might not. Although it’s not your typical gift, you can rest assured that your teen will enjoy a cooking class tailor-made for his or her generation, with hands-on instruction and interesting teen-friendly recipes. With Sur la Table, your teen will learn how to cook up a variety of delicious foods, from pizza and specialty sauces to tasty desserts including sorbets and chocolate souffle. After the classes, your teen might be able to teach you a thing or two about the art of cooking. Who knows, if they really like it, it might help them find a vacation job later on.  Though kitchen work may be hard at times, they may very well enjoy it as a job on the side.

Adventure Is Out There

For the ultimate explorer, consider a gift that takes your teen out of his or her comfort zone and around the world to places he or she has never been before. Moondance Adventures, an adventure travel company catered to teens, provides the experiences of a lifetime, taking teens across the globe to experience new cultures, see new sights and discover new places. You’ll have plenty of time to see when you should get worried over their behavior. There are a handful of trip experiences to choose from, including discovery adventures, which are best suited for pre-teens, classic adventures, for teens 14 to 15, as well as leadership and service adventures for teens ages 14 to 18. Teens have rapidly-developing brains like a roller coaster, and who’ve been bitten by the travel bug will surely appreciate the gift of a trip of a lifetime.

Story Time

Teens who love to read, from the classics like “The Giver” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” to new series like “The Hunger Games” and the “Divergent” trilogy, will appreciate a gift that allows them to take all of their stories with them, wherever they go. Today’s teens have grown up with technology. Create a nice study nook for your child. That really helps! And while you might prefer the feel of a hardcover and its pages, your teen will love an e-reader like the Amazon Kindle. Books, apps, and accessories are all readily available online, making the Kindle the perfect gift for an avid reader.

Sports Junkie

If your teen is into all things sports, consider the gift of tickets to his or her favorite team. Join in on the action-packed fun or play chauffeur for the day, driving around your teen and a close friend to and from the game. Tickets can be purchased from an online ticket provider like StubHub. The online resource makes it easy to find out who’s playing in your city. Not only does StubHub offer tickets to sporting events, the ticket provider also offers tickets to concerts, comedy shows, theater productions and other big events. You might even decide to treat yourself and your partner to a pair of tickets to enjoy for a well-deserved date night. Be aware, though, that many companies are building pretty strong teen communities around their brands with all the risks involved.